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Creating A Bright Path For Future Queens

Greetings Community,

Welcome to The Princess Program known as Princess N Training. We are so honored to connect with your princess and your family. Our program offers our girls so much to enhance their life, academic and professional skills. Together we bring girls between the ages of 6yrs to 18yrs, all races, and cultures are welcome to join a safe space that allows you to build confidence, friendships, and self love. 

Our trained mentors are available whenever a girl needs us. We listen, we love, and support their needs so that they can become their best self. 

Through our program we are able to build stronger relationships between mothers/fathers and their daughters. 

We hope our website gives you all the information you need to begin your princesses journey. If you're interested in bringing The Princess Program to your church, school, or after school program contact our leaders today! 

Community Sponsors

It is our goal to provide more resources for our girls, and their families. Our program has become a helping hand to our community, empowering girls and building/rebuilding the relationship between mothers and daughters.

Would you like to sponsor The Princess Program?

Below you will see our packages that are available to you.

Pink Package ($250)


* Name & Logo on website

*Name & Logo on event booklets

Purple Package ($500)


*Name & logo on website

*Name & logo on shirts

*Name & logo on event booklets

Gold Package ( $1,000)


*Name & logo on website

*Name & logo on all marketing material (events, banners, flyers, shirts, booklets, bags)

*Share your business as a guest speaker at our PNT events.

For more information or to learn more about our program, please contact us on our website, or social media sites.

Thank You For Supporting

Thank you for your contribution to Princess N Training.

We are so honored and blessed that your heart was willing to support such amazing girls in our community. We hope to continue making a great impact in the lives of young girls, helping them to be the princesses they are called to be, then to later rise up as the queens they are called to be. 

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