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Difference Makers

Princess N Training is dedicated to giving back to those in need. We want to make a difference in the community. If you have a community service opportunity for Princess N Training, please contact us through email

Princess N Training Inc. appreciates all supporters around the world. Because of your donations we are able to support girls from all over. We are truly dedicated to being a helping hand to our princesses. We are truly dedicated to providing resources to meet the needs of every girl. These girls will be the Future Queen they were created to be.

To become a sponsor for Princess N Training, email our team at

If you would like to donate to Princess N Training, contact our team. 

It is our mission to share the impact your donation is making. Please follow our Facebook & Instagram page for weekly & monthly updates. 

We can only imagine what it is like to not spend the holiday season with family.

This year our program will be bringing back our Thankful Campaign, serving our local officers.

We are grateful for any support, donations, and items that can be donated so that our girls can give thanks to others.

Please see our donations list below. 

Breakfast Donations:





Orange Juice 


Lunch Donations:


Chicken Leg Quarters


Macaroni Ingredients 

Collard Greens 





How does giving back impact our girls?

Giving back to the community  inspires you to serve more, it empowers you to speak up more for those who may not have a voice. Our girls have the opportunity to become difference makers  in their city and state. It is our goal to also inspire other  girls to become leaders in their community. Become the voice for those in need.  One day, one step can bring change, joy, peace, love, and happiness into this world. I hope that with your help we can be that leader and that voice.                                                                                                               . 

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