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Princess of The Week

Greetings Community,

What an honor it is to recognize our 1st PRINCESS OF THE WEEK!

Bryanna did a fantastic presentation on Madam CJ Walker that caught my eye. You can see that she took her time with the project and gave her best. As our Princess of The Week, we will interview her and learn what inspired such a fantastic project. Bryanna won  1st Place in the exhibition of African American Entrepreneurial People. Her interview will be live in our Girls Like Me Magazine. Our virtual magazine can be found on our website. Bryanna, we are proud of you. You continue to inspire girls around the world.

My name is Bryanna Alarcon; I am 8 years old, was born in Ecuador, and have lived in the United States for 5 years. I have a beautiful Christian family; my father is Bryan, my mother is Briggitte, and my younger sister is Bianca. I love spending time with them; I like animals, especially horses; I love nature and eating fruits. My favorite pastimes are reading, doing arts and crafts, and playing. I have many friends, but my best friends are Shaelyn, Arianna, and Khalani. I also like to help people in need in the company of my family.

When I grow up, I want to be a great writer.

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