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Princess Program

How to join the Princess Program?


  Our program is here to empower, inspire, and motivate our girls to be the princesses they are called to be through weekly meetings, community service, bonding events and more. To share that motivation, and inspiration with others. This corporation is organized for charitable, educational, and spiritual purposes. Our goal is to help daughters in our community to build up their confidence, trust in themselves, and to build up the relationship with their parents through parent involvement

The Princess Program provides our girls with monthly meetings, planned outings, and community service. Our program is currently located in the Newton - Dekalb Community. We are on a mission to expand our program to a city, and state near you. The Princess Program has dedicated & trained team members that empower the girls in our community. 

Our girls experience the following:

Guest Speakers

Devotional/Affirmation of the day

Community Service

Field Trips

Weekend Sleepovers

Our Princesses discuss the following topics + more:


Making The Right Choices

Choosing The Right Friends

Success in Education

Money Management

Discovering Your Purpose


Self Image

Here are the steps for joining Princess N Training


Please fill out the registration form. 

Registration form can be found below. 


Registration fee: $50

Registration comes with the following:


Membership card (must be renewed each year)


Become a Princess N Training Ambassador

Participate in our Facebook Group

Participate in our local events 

(photo shoots, fundraisers, etc)

Participate in our coummunity service

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